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Choosing Reliable Locks For Your New Property

Choosing Reliable Locks for Your New Property

Your home is the one place where you can truly feel at peace, and that should be protected at any cost. When living in Oakland Park, Florida, you must ensure that you spend wisely on your home's security to have peace of mind.

There are many different types of locks and security levels that you have to think about, especially with so many designs available in 2022. Before you call a house locksmith to install your new locks, here are some popular variants you should be checking out:

Handle Sets

When you're looking for a sophisticated and elegant door handle with a lock that impresses others, a handle set is ideal to invest in. A handle set has a handle on the external side with a keyed opening or twist knob on the inner side where a person can lock it.

For security purposes, a handle set will typically utilize a deadbolt rather than a spring bolt, as it is compact and highly secure. Similar to a doorknob lock, a handle set provides better aesthetics and ensures that your home has a sophisticated look. It is ideal for installing on your main gate or even for all exterior gates around your home.


While you might think your regular doorknob is a deadbolt, it's not actually as simple as that. A deadbolt has a separate mechanism and adds an additional layer of security to any door. You may have seen doors with both a deadbolt and some other type of lock to enhance the security within the premises.

Deadbolts are ideal when you want to create a safe lock system that will be durable over time. You can find these locks in both single- and double-cylinder designs. The main difference is that a double cylinder offers more protection than a single cylinder.

Chain Lock

If you've been in apartment complexes or a hotel chain, you may have seen chain locks being commonly used there. These locks are installed on the interior side of a door frame and use a chain to lock the door from the inside. It can't be unlocked from the outside and is ideal when you want an extra layer of security.

The chain lets the person inside see who's outside by opening the door, but not completely. The door can only be opened by the person on the inside, and it is ideal for those who want extra protection in their home.

Electronic Locks

When you're looking for a modern and straightforward lock to use, an electronic lock is ideal. These locks don't require keys to unlock but a unique code, key, or even fingerprint. Depending on your choice, these locks can automatically lock as soon as the door shuts.

You can consult with a capable security locksmith about the different types of electronic locks that are available for your property.

Looking to Protect Your Home? We Can Help

A reliable locksmith is crucial to ensure that your home is secure and you don't have to worry about anyone breaking in at any time. At Oakland Park Locksmith, we aim to fulfill your security requirements with professional locksmiths who have been serving the community for years. Make your home safe and secure by enlisting our locksmiths to install your home locks today!

Call 954-947-8829 to schedule an appointment with our experts today.

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