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A Commercial Lock Buyer's Guide

A Commercial Lock Buyer’s Guide

A Commercial Lock Buyer's Guide

When you own a commercial property in Oakland Park, Florida, you must ensure you do your best to maintain the property. Securing the premises for your commercial property is essential when you want to protect assets and retain your reputation.

If you're new to buying commercial locks, you may not necessarily understand the value and research that should go into buying these locks. While you can ask a commercial locksmith about the locks, it's also best to do some research beforehand. Here is what you should know about commercial locks:

Why Do You Need Commercial Locks?

If you own a commercial property, the number of people visiting the premises and going through doors can be quite high. In these cases, standard locks that don't get utilized much can't help. They will break down and require repairs more often, which can be costly for you in the long term.

Commercial door locks are ideal for commercial use, where high footfall is expected. These are the ideal locks to use in areas like offices, warehouses, shops, and industrial facilities.

Different Grades Commercial Lock Buyers

There are three different lock grades that you should know about before you get started with buying commercial locks. They are:

Grade 1: The strongest and most durable locks available in the market. They can maximize and withstand more use than Grade 2 or 3 locks. They can be found as both interior and exterior locks in commercial spaces where security needs are more comprehensive, like schools and hospitals.

Grade 2: For a mid-budget lock, Grade 2 locks are ideal. While they aren't as durable or as high-quality as Grade 1, they can still be ideal for mid-range commercial properties. They are ideal for areas with medium footfall or interior areas with high-security needs but low footfall.

Grade 3: These are standard locks utilized in most commercial spaces where Grade 1 or Grade 2 locks aren't needed. You may find these in residential spaces or offices with low-security needs.

Types of Locks - Commercial lock buyers

The following are the most popular commercial locks used by businesses in Oakland Park, Florida:

Smart Locks: These locks utilize a unique code, fingerprint, card, or something similar. They can also be connected to the Internet so that users can unlock the door through their smartphones.

Magnetic Locks: These locks use magnets and electricity to secure the door. They do need an external device that triggers it to unlock or lock.
Mortise Locks: You must adjust your door frame to accommodate a mortise lock. There is a handle on both sides, and you can find a keyed cylinder inside the lock, which secures the door.

Electric Strikes: These operate mechanically instead of manually like a traditional door strike. There is a hinged metal latch that holds the door locked until it receives an electric signal.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose any of the above locks for your needs. If you need some help, it is ideal for getting in touch with a security locksmith to discuss your needs comprehensively.

Commercial Lock Buyer's - We're Here to Help

When you're looking to secure your commercial property, you must ensure that you have good quality and durable locks installed in critical areas. To help you achieve a secure commercial space, Oakland Park Locksmith LLC is here to help. Our expert locksmiths have been serving the Oakland Park community for years and can help you find the perfect lock for your needs. Contact us today at 954-947-8829 to schedule an appointment.

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